Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have to do it!

Having my biggest exam in my life in less than 55 days from today is a big stress point in my life at the moment! Kelantan was an eye opener as I am shocked to see where I stand currently. My knowledge is pretty poor compared to others and hey.. I'm aiming to qualify as a specialist come May? Its good that I'm woken up by the Intensive Course but I'm not sure how much can I do to solidify my ability either impress or being slayed alive in front of the examiners!!!
Its a myth to say that Part 2 is easier to pass than Part 1. Its equally hard and I dunno why my predecessors keep telling me that it is a fact? ha..ha.. its not funny anymore! I still have a number of days to go through everything and practice my viva skills.. but hearing who's coming as externals for my exams.. Its gonna be one tough job to con them!!
After all that has happened in my life so far.. I'm reaching where I thought it was not possible 12 years ago. It was during that brink moment where my future was not clear; the direction was was a tough journey from hero to zero.. and climbing up after I was floored badly.
but the reality now is I am here .. about 1.5 months away from reaching my goal. The perseverance coming of age.. and I can't afford to let myself down.. I must be it.. and I am..
( motivating myself ni.. hahaha)
God willing insya-allah.. I will prepare my best to be the best :)


dochisyam said...

Brader ,
It i NOT a myth.
Part 2 is easier than part 1!
With 50 days to go, there is plenty of time to practice your 'speaking' skills.

Mu kecek elok elok dekak examiner to abe, kecek gitu gitu, tentu lulus!

Insya allah.

Mafeitz Mamat said...

thanx bro for the encouragement.. hahaha I still don't buy it!
cu kat energizer run!

Anonymous said...

remember, make every case you do an exam question....from the type of volatile you use to the choice of airway management to inotropes...