Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey cowboy!!

We recently had our Anaesthesia nite dinner with the theme; Wild wild west. I am not involved with the preparations this time as I was in Kota Bharu for 2 weeks. It was indeed something the whole final year batch needed after the stress we had in USM! Realizing the exam is so near with the appauling preparations.. hahahaha ni nak kena buck up in these coming 2 months.
The dinner was held at th Equastrian Club Kiara, the place was modest but the setting done inside the ballroom was excellent! The feel of western theme party was certainly alive..especially almost all came dressed up!

I sang Kenangan Terindah with my slide show on.. hahaha I dunno what made me do that but I guess it was for the last time so takpe la. malukan diri!! hahahaha
And for the 4th year in a row.. I did not manage to win anything for the lucky draw??? How lucky can I be?!

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