Thursday, May 13, 2010

M Anaesthesiology (UM) 2006/10

I was not sure whether i can make the cut. The exams did not go as smooth as how i imagined it to be. Viva went well i thought but that night when i was all alone in that room, i realized the few mistakes i made confidently! hahaha It was a very jittery day coming back from KB but what was done..was done. I was left with only doa and my hope.
I am on leave todayh and tomorrow. the results came out earlier than what was told earlier. Sapa tak cuak? and at 1030am I was still at home, thinking of all the things to do next especially to sort out with my employer.
"Dr Mafeitz... Susanty ni.." our Department secretary.
"Ahh.. kenapa?"
"Kat mana ni?" " rumah lagi.." i said softly.
"Tak datang tengok result ke?"
"Takpelah.. nanti mesti ada orang call bagitau.."
"Oh ye ke.." and of course, i could not resist the temptation..
"Apa result saya?" i asked..
"Nanti kawan Dr Mafeitz call bagitau..." my heart just dropped..
"COngrats Dr MAfeitz! Tahniah!!"

And i went like.. ya allah.. and i broke down.. alhamdulillah.. but i really broke down as I performed my prayers to thank god.. Thank you ..thank you..

MAfeitz Mamat


Anonymous said...

salam Dr

i like reading your a junior of yours masa sek menengah ttdi but i guess when you are form 5 we all just form 1

Tahniah for your kejayaan lulus Masters in Anaest..respect laa..bukan senang..if i am not mistaken one of my relative Zezy Lina sama batch dgn u buat masters?..

anyway all d best..

ikmal said...


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mafiz said...

Congratulations!! Wa Caya Sama Lu Doc!

Pak Long said...

congrats bro!!! :)

dochisyam said...

Congrats bro...
Now the real fun starts.

Well done once again


Azad said...

Alhamdulillah. Well done, Telal. Looks like the patch you have charted is starting to unfold.

Onwards to the next plan... err... prime minister? :)