Monday, November 01, 2010

Forgotten but remembered

I managed to catch P Ramlee's bio profile on History channel Astro 555 last night. I'm a big fan of History channel and to have a Malaysia-related icon life being opened up is a must see for me. I am a big fan of his movies: Hang Tuah made me want to be a hero, Antara Dua Darjat made me realize the reality of class, Ali Baba Bujang Lapok made me laugh from start till the end. His movies are excellent that when we watch it again and again, despite knowingh the storyline as well as the dialogue: i will not move away from the TV.
It was a fresh presentation: featuring interviews with his friends, ex wives as well as his wife (Saloma) who died in agony many years later : unable to accept his death. Nobody really knew especially my generation that he died as a pauper and unappreciated then. He was at his downfall and nobody cared. He became an outcast; trying very hard to repeat his former glory days. It was good for History channel to focus on this so that we know the real story; that at the end of his greatness; he was depressed and forgotten.
I must say I was impressed with Saloma- who really loved him till the end of her life. She was distraught and remained that way. Her love for P Ramlee was so obvious that everybody talked about it - not pretencious nor publicity searching. She was sincere and cared for him in the days when it looked gloomy for P Ramlee. i managed to catch P Ramlee the musical early this year, and it was certainly the element which was emphasized in their scenes together Remy and Sally :) well honestly, i never looked up upon celebrities' relationships as I feel they are always looking for glam & publicity rather than sincere marriage. Whoever would have thought that Remy and Sally's love were real? Being highly educated does not equate to happiness in marriage life isn't it?
Thank you P Ramlee for showing the world Malaysia Boleh then.. and you are the man!


nor said...

I saw it too. It's done by Shuhaimi Baba. I especially like the interview with Mr. Kwek. He's cool!

Anonymous said...

I watched it a few times. A touching story. Remind me about life - is like a circle.