Monday, November 15, 2010

Sports day n birthday

Once you have children, whatever they do especially in the early years matters so much and takes priority. Nothing they do is not insignificant and you live to witness this moment : to enjoy and savour it as its always them who makes everything that you do worth it.
It was again Salsabiila Sports Day and both Qayyum and Qaisya are involved. I'm pretty confident about Qayyum especially after his surprise last year but with Qaisya, we're always sceptical whether she can perform when asked to.
Qaisya was involved in an event where she was supposed to start the race. However as soon as the whistle was blown, she freaked out!! hahaha she just went beserk and cried! hahaha we thought so this would happen.. i tried to coax her to try, and with force she was pushed on the small tricycle but of course, she did it in her upmost disgust! hahaha.. i managed to video the went beserk moment.. classic!
Qayyum did well in his events and we are very proud of them..
Later in the afternoon, we celebrated Dzaeff's 5th birthday at home.. small scale but it was a surprise to him! I'm sure he will remember this ultra-birthday indefinitely! :)


dwimaya said...

but qaisya performed well in her ceria/chicken dance show. thumbs up for her on the stage!

tu siapa with qaisya? is alana her cousin?

i have few pics of iman with qaisya. it's in my fb as of now. :)

-iman's ummi-

Pak Long said...

Yups, best sports day ever! :D and happy birthday qayyum, many more birthdays to come, ultraman forever!

Mafeitz Mamat said...

dwimaya: yup..alana is her cousin. I'll check the fb for the :)
Paklong: I'm trying to get xbox ultraman.. nanti bila kinect masuk.. takpayah dia imagine play..haha

mafiz said...

You know what would surprise him more? Bapak dia pakai ultraman suit!! Sure dia suka!

Pak Long said...

Agree! Agree! Father & son ultraman combo! :))