Friday, December 24, 2010


Wow.. my last entry was in November. Such a long time before I can sit down like now to write something on my blog. The blog-neglect syndrome is bad in 2010. I reckon my resolution for 2011 would be to reactivate my passion to write and blog again! It is definitely an outlet for venting, realizing, imagining ie a personal diary of things done.
Of course, my hectic schedule would be the thing to blame ; it was extraordinary one month. I've been involved with a lot of work-related stuff that I lost the zest to blog. Taking care of the wonderful 3 kids is another major factor; spending time with them is priceless! I've been travelling around the country and abroad in this time. I guess the life event that will be happening really soon which is this weekend, moving out from our Park residence home. Imagine, I did not even have the time to inform my neighbours regarding this decision!
I'll try to find time to write about my Sungai Petani workshop, Indonesia Gunung gede trip and the leadership short course by AKEPT in due time.

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