Friday, December 24, 2010

Short weekend trip to Bagan Lalang

We were busy that week, I was oncall non stop and wifey was doing her locum here and there; we were not able to follow Yo for his engagement in Kuching.Both Qayyum and Qaisya followed my MIL with the rest of the family members. It was a lone weekend and we suddenly got the idea.. why not go and relax somewhere? Near but not far and nice?
So we decided for Golden Palm Tree resort in Sepang Gold Coast. It was a purely internet search and booking. we had no idea how nice itwould be and the special weekend offer was reasonable. And so we went! Ofcourse, the way to go there can be a bit dodgy as you're not too sure your way there.
walking to the pool
But upon arrival, wow... not bad the ambience! loved the area... loved the room.. the sea water.. hmmm.. standard la selat melaka.. hahaha but overall... puas hati! Marissa was so excited as she was alone and had all the attention! We managed to have dinner by the seaside with excellent choice of seafood.. though i regretted for not ordering the crab!
marissa enjoying her pool day!
best woo gambar..
myspace pose..

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