Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Harimau Malaya mengaum.. first for Dzaeff..

I cant really remember when was it.. circa 1994-95? not really sure. Most likely before the big clear out of match fixing. But what happened shook me, it was a post Malaysia game ; not too sure which game it was and which competition. maybe one of the qualifiers. we lost badly and by the 70th minute, the supporters were booing the team and most of the crowd were leaving.One who sat in front of me who during the time he was there, totally insulted the team to the amazement of the crowd. Not sure whether he was just venting out due to his own problems. What i was sure; before he left, he was kicking and stepping Jalur gemilang.. and threw it away whilst spitting on it. After the game, i took the flag with me.. took it back home and hoped that one day i can bring it back to see it waved in glory.

Today.. it became the day.Me and my son, waving that same flag which was battered down almost 17 years ago. To wave proudly as Malaysians!
It was my first visit to footie stadium with dzaeffran. I wanted him to feel the electrifying experience in supporting team Malaysia. If not for the house moving, i would have been in the stadium to witness the first leg of the AFF Cup. But the friendly against Hong Kong was a small time game. Rarely people would go to watch and having it in Shah Alam stadium, it would have been a sin not to bring dzaeff.
But i was wrong.. due to the hope that the current Harimau Malaya gave as AFF champions, people were flocking the stadium. It was not full house, but for a friendly it was an amazing crowd. To witness Dzaeff's expression as we were walking into the stadium was priceless. The fanatic fans were chanting and singing; a rare scene in Malaysian football.
And when we scored just before the first half ends was something that the crowd was waiting for. We played well, it was nice passing and game play with skill. Dzaeff may not have concentrated fully on the game but when we scored.. he was jumping in joy as well and that was what we were all there for!

It was just a friendly but the mood and hope that was given to us, shown on the team's determination. The confidence were oozing and obvious from all the player's body language. It was a good father-son bonding as well and I was glad i persevered to go eventhough i was feeling a bit out after maghrib.
Kudos Malaysia.. viva Malaysia!

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