Wednesday, February 02, 2011

People power in Egypt

I was glued to the tv till midnite, switching from Aljazeera, BBC and CNN ; updates of the current ongoing revolution March of the millions y the people of Egypt. I was witnessing another history epic in the making, how people when they come together as one with one sole reason can make the difference. It was something unexpected by Mubarak himself i guess, as people in mass forces flocked the main cities of egypt; cairo, alexandria. protesting "LEAVE... LEAVE.." The years of suppression by mutiple regime through the years seemed to break out of its pandora's box today..
Wow.. i never thought i would see another similar scene which mimicked the Iranian Revolution in 1979 in my lifetime. With our current media coverage, it is possible to witness it closely. The Egyptian government ordered an internet blackout to forbid information coming out directly from the people.
Across middle east Tunisia, Jordan.. the revolution heat is sweeping through.. slowly but surely. People are standing up, risking their lives in the name of reformation. Brave brave people. Determination and sincerity of wanting change says it all. Of course, it is easy to say that there is a manipulation of political will but when you see rakyat in the masses coming out, can you pinpoint to anybody leading them? Egypt is making another feat in history. SOmething that will mark a big change in how the middle east would shape itself in this century. It marks the sure future of interesting things to come.
I pray to the egyptian people that god would reward their intentions.
The latest batch of egypt bound medical students i met last September.. my prayers for their safety..

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