Sunday, January 30, 2011

DU52 up DU54.. brain drain continues..

I've been with my institution for 5 years and loved the plan, ambition and aspiration. The inspiration and optimism grew and as a young member, I definitely had plans to make the institution great. You can call it utopian but thats where all dreams start right?
Being with the faculty thus far, is more challenging than what i can imagine. The institution thrives on a vision where those from the outside would think us to be totally insane! I dont blame them to think of us as such but its always the impossible dreamer who would achieve greatness. Having team members who i thought was selected based on their potential was another factor where i reckon the dream vision can achieve exceding expectations!
Unfortunately, the ancient set up of my institution seemed to somehow discourage the dream. Call it a curse, but it is very venomous. Money seemed to be the issue, but being in the 21st century, can you expect less? Money talks.. money is everything! Doctors cum academician are doing more things out of the job spec compared to everybody else. THe duty in ensuring patients do live in joy is a huge responsibility that one can imagine. Its the appreciation gesture which if it was taken into consideration from the start, would only attract more people to join the academics in rank.
I don't blame my big boss on this but my critique is sometimes he takes too much of the responsibility. When the plan is becoming bigger with time, the delegation of responsibility should be emphasised and the burden shared somehow. Some may say he is difficult to work with but each leader has their own way.. and the outcome would justify their action.
DU45 , DU 52, DU 54 .. So far we've lost few excellent colleagues to the lure of the "under" world.. but then can't blame them for their action. Its the big planner who should follow through and inspire.. thats what leaders are for.. to inspire others to greatness, and polishing the potentials of his men and make them greater than who he is..
I am still idealistic but i am not sure if i am too naive. I believe that i should support the vision and do my best to achieve it.

Whats my timeline then?

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