Sunday, January 16, 2011

Malaysia..the Champions!

I've been waiting for this moment for a very long time. To see the national team play football at its best, winning in glory.
I am glad that my kid had the opportunity to cheer ( eventhough he had no idea why people were celebrating) the Malaysian team in mamak instead of the foreign football league teams. He enjoyed that bit and i know he will remember it for the rest of his life, the joy of supporting Malaysia. We've heard from our parents and from their generation, how they were excited in supporting the national team then. I thought it would take another generation to have that feeling again.. and I am glad, i witnessed the moment of glory for the National team.

This current batch certainly proved their worth ever since winning the gold medal in SEA Games last year. Nobody gave them the chance or hope to win this cup. I was in Kallang stadium in 1996, watching Malaysia lost 1-0 to Thailand in the first ever edition of this competition. I went back home dejected but proud then, because i knew we played well and it was very unfortunate to lose the game with a slim margin.I missed the finals in Bukit Jalil because it was impossible to go because we've just moved into our new place. But i never missed the opportunity to watch the game; eventhough I was in Indonesia last week. Now Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia will not look us as minnows anymore. And i can tell you.. we are PURE.. and we don't need IMPORTS to bring us glory.. pure local talent. SYABAS!!Kudos to Rajagobal.. and kudos to the whole team. Malaysia di hatiku!! :)

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