Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wow.. i am actually sitting down blogging?

Its a free Saturday, I am actually sitting down in front of (my) laptop, and watching tv at the same time. Wow.. such a luxury as the past month had been so hectic that there was no quality time as such for me. Moving to Bidai from Jeriji was an experience i would not want to repeat in my lifetime! hahaha Just say that, I'll be moving again,'ll be lock stock and barrel for the new owner.. tak larat woo.. no wonder its been classified as a life event by PSY !!
Life has took a different turn. We've just employed a maid for the house. Having 3 ( anytime soon 4) kids is not funny to handle amongst the two of us. Wifey had come to the realisation that it can be quite impossible to do it on your own. It is still possible theoratically but like anything in life, you cannot get everything that you want. There will be certain things compromised. I reckon looking at how kids are today, it is vital to keep a constant look at them especially during the growing up years. We dont want to end up regretting what should have been done when what is important now is to DO IT and not risk it..

Talking about employing a maid, we did not go through any agents. All we needed was a maid to agree to come. We were lucky that Ihad ( mama's maid) suggested to wifey during her stay with us in December her sister. Its not difficult to employ a maid on your own and it saves a lot of money ( esp risk money if they run away) the downside about it us you have to wait and time has to be spent sitting down like an idiot in the departments where we have to register.

I'm almost 70% done and now waiting to do the FOMEMA thingy. I take it as a new experience and as somebody who did it.. IT CAN BE DONE!

Currently Im still waiting for Byond to be installed. ASTRO is doing their vintage thingy delaying the installation. I guess, being the ONLY COMPANY providing such a service, they can afford to muck it up and make people angry. Why? because whatever you do, people will continue to subscribe and nobody will back out.. BATTERED WIFE syndrome i call this.

I had issues with TM which i NEARLY BLOGGED .. but as it was resolved, then I'm not going to blow about it on my blog. It is really disheartening when people take advantage of the convenience. hmmmm...

Now.. let me sit down and enjoy playing SONIC on my XBOX.. with my new TOSHIBA 42 inch LCD.. hehehe

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