Saturday, January 22, 2011

new frontier new challenge for my good friend

A good friend of mine, Shakti went to Melbourne yesterday. He'll be working there for a year hmm.. perhaps more! He brought his family there and i am sure it will be an experience of a lifetime! I must salute him for all his efforts taking FANZCA exams and all .. and look where he is now.
If you meet him on the streets, Im sure you wont reckon he is a doctor at all! He has the built of a bodyguard ( former Mr KL 2000 hehe) and he acts like one. He's a very "sempoi" man, wearing his CROCS slippers even to formal functions! Looks can be deceiving and I can tell you that he has exceptional brains because academically he is superior!
He is a workaholic, and it has been a priviledge to work with him. We click well and the things that we did during our medical MO days in HKL remains fresh in my mind. His change of heart into anaesthesia i am sure had something to do with me. We went seperate ways at one time, me joining UiTM and him into the private world. Fate has made it that he rejoined me in UM and again the partnership grew. Our sons were born a week a part and I guess to them I will hope to continue the legacy
To my good friend Shaktivel.. i wish you well in your endevour. Your antics will be missed and I really hope that you can join me when you're done with Australia :) or who knows it will be the other way around, me going there instead.. hehehe All the best bro! Live long and prosper.. :)

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