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The Star 21 Jan 2011

My title for the article was Lead us and Inspire! but i guessed the editor wanted to make it juicy; so it became a title demanding for reformation. Looking back, everything i sent to the press had that theme, again and again suggesting things to improve the healthcare. This time around, i took a poke to senior bosses to come down and do the district posting as well. Im not sure how this will turn out, but an interesting one i hope.. (so that i can blog it out.. hehe)

Friday January 21, 2011
Revamp our current hierarchal system for doctors
WITH reference to “MMA: Send the young ones to rural areas” (Sunday Star, Jan 16), I agree that Malaysia should not depend on foreign clinical specialists to serve in remote areas.
This supposedly short-term remedy will not address our chronic problem.
The suggestion for junior specialists to serve in remote areas is an ideal one. Ironically, though, it is due to this scheme that we are losing government doctors to the private sector.
Urging young doctors to serve the public dutifully is utopian as we are all trapped in a system which was never properly planned for individuals to develop and fit into “the big picture”.
The juniors are pawns in a confused chess match without strategy. The problem will remain if we continue not to plan holistically.
A special human resource and talent identifying unit at the Health Ministry or at Pemandu is needed to revamp our current hierarchal system.
Reforms should start from the time aspiring doctors enter medical school. We should stream our future doctors according to the needs of each state.
Entrance into specialty should take into consideration where the specialists are expected to serve once they have acquired the necessary qualification.
Since junior doctors and specialists have always been viewed as suspect in their commitment to the Hippocratic oath, I would urge the senior doctors and consultants in both the public and private sectors to lead the way. Walk the talk and guide the young ones.
It is sad to note that an idea mooted a few years back to have private consultants help the public service did not kick off.
A short-term commitment by senior doctors to offer their expertise in remote areas should be the way to go. Treat this as your corporate social responsibility and share your wealth of experience with the young ones.
The Malaysian healthcare scene is evolving at a rapid pace. A holistic transformation is needed.
Again, my call to my respected senior colleagues is, lead and inspire us, please. Help us improve our healthcare quality.
Shah Alam.

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Gaban said...

This is a good letter. Betui jugak tu, these seniors know only to put others forward but don't dare do it themselves.