Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NYSORA Asia Bangalore

Guilty as charged!!

I've left my blogging again for almost a month, ok lets be realistic from now on.. i will try as much as possible to ensure i have at least i entry per month.. fair? hahaha apa la yg busy sangat ni!!

February ended with my trip to Bangalore. I was invited as an associate faculty ; fascilitator in the 5th Pan Asian NYSORA-Asia workshop in Le Meredien. It was during the heavy duty weekend in Bangalore.. why? because it was India vs England then and you know how fanatic the Indians can be about cricket!! haha

It was a good experience mingling around with world renowned Regional Anaesthesiologists like Admir Hadzic himself, Manoj Kamarka, Phillipe Guttier and lots of others. I never thought the day would come especially as a junior specialist to be with them. There were lots of things learnt from their experience. Of course, catching the other side of them was fun too!

dinner trip

late night meet up.. mana ada mamak kat bangalore?

Malaysia's Sifu of RA.. I'm the padwan..

Bangalore was too big to be discovered by foot. I tried to do the usual thing i do when travelling but the scale from the map given to the actual thing was totally wrong! hahaha I did not manage to go anywhere, just the night trips for dinner as the whole day was packed with talks and workshops.

I enjoyed the Symposium a lot and hopefully i would be given the priviledge to join them again next year :) Thank you everybody !

p/s Credit to Colleen for the pics :)

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