Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RC Freewaybike hike Mandurah Perth 70km

This was the event I was waiting for and luckily Mizz Pina arrived last Friday! Had time to test ride and sort of fix it to my liking and off we go! 
RAC Freewaybikehike is a yearly event and boast as the largest cycling event in WA! Again like Santos, this was an event that i cannoy miss being here. I registered early and the 70km did not deter me at all as I've done Rockingham so it should not be that difficult to do this one.

 We were lucky as Transperth is one of the sponsors and there was free transport from Perth CBD to Mandurah. Syafiq slept over at my place and we were at the station by 0430. There were a lot of participants and it got both of us excited. While we were waiting, there was an anoouncement asking us cyclist to lift up our bicycles and hold on to the back wheel. Honestly I thought it was for the entre but to my surprise, it was for the convenience of arranging ourselves in the train! Everybody was so disciplined to stack in and I was very impressed! Apparently its a norm during events but of course to both me and Syafiq..gila jakun!
Managed to do Subuh in the car park near to the starting line.. Eh kejap, there is another story while we were on our way from Mandurah station to the starting line! The whole pack took a detour and sesat! hahaha I guess the marshall did not guide us properly tat we wnet of in tangent for about 1km!
I was in the mid pack and we were flagged off at 0640. I guess being more charity based it was not as cool as Santos! I reckon te Santos organizers were keener and more satisfying!

 Ride on Mizz Pina was different. It felt really good to push on and I did not have difficulties to maintain my pace. It can be tiring at times but a constant of 30km/h was definitely easy to do. Met other Pinarellos as well and I felt a bit "malu" when they complimented my bike when passing me! haha.. tak tau la saja ke tak pasal when i looked at them it was DOGMA.. lagi mahal siiott...
The route was elevated in the first 30 km along Kwinana but I was not pushed nor did i really push myself. It was good to be able to cycle with strong peletons but I was never overdoing myself as I pace it just nice. This is history in the making as not everybody is privileged to use the highway for cycling!
When Perth CBD was in sight it was so exciting and honestly I can't believe my time then. Wished that I had speedometer to see how fast i was during t ride..Well, tu next accessory!
 Finished the course in 2hours and 5 minutes! I was so damn surprised woo because my 52km Santos was 2hours and 30 minutes! I must compliment the bike and the machine definitely improved my performance. Of course I am much fitter compared to last October but Mizz Pina was tip top because as far as I can remember, I did not really put any extra effort like my ride on Meriam.
 Syafiq arrived a bit later and both of us just enjoyed the carnival atmosphere in Langley's Park. We were waiting for the rest of GEBA gang who joined the 30km ride from Kwinana. Kudos to the whole team for such an encouraging participation!
 I'll miss all this..definitely!

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