Thursday, March 08, 2012

Advanced Wilderness First Aid

 I attended the Advanced Wilderness First Aid Course during the weekend. It was an opportunity not to be missed as its not always that they organize it in WA - most of their courses are east bound. There was in fact one organized back home in 2009 i think, but somehow I was not available for it and the cost was a bit high i think. However, eventhough I am a medical personnel, attending this is a must for me especially with my outdoor activities. Having a bit of training would make me more confident in applying my concepts for the care of the ill in the wilderness.At least, If i am in a situation of medical need , i know the principles of management. It really reminded me a lot of the anaphylactic case of Ahad in Gunung Hitam as well as my shoulder dislocation on trek in Tambuyokon. Wow.. I was lucky on both times.
 It was held in Mundaring - a nice bush in the Perth outskirt where few trails do exist for the keen outdoor enthusiasts. Munda Biddi trail ( mountain bike track planned till Albany) starts here and about 6km from the centre of the small town is Perth Hills and Mundaring Weir - a historical site for the history of WA.
I was definitely impressed by the variety of participants, from those who are directly involved in the outdoor industry ; having to take this course as a requirement for their licence to the retired academics who takes this for interest. The faculty was also excellent ; having a strong background of paramedics and great outdoor trainers.
 The teaching modules were superb and i love their teaching method. A whole lot of simulated scenarios really did enhance our learning - being adults and outdoorish most of our classes were outdoors anyway. I had fun with my colleagues in few of the activities and everybody were keen to participate and contribute. The working model is really good that I've got an idea to have this as an elective for my students.
 Meeting people from the industry really opened up my knowledge on the Aussie outdoors and beyond. To discover a lot of opportunities is another thing where the suggestions were simply superb. It definitely had made me thought of what I may want to achieve as it seems possible and in line with my qualification and job.

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