Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My first crash

After the fun in the water, I cycled back home as this is my main transportation method to get around Perth. After so many times cycling in and out around Perth, I never thought that it was possible for me to be involved in an accident. I have always been a careful lad but i guess this time I should have been more alert and maintain my suspiciousness over every corner.
I was nearing home when I followed a detour route as the nornal bicycle route was closed due to construction. I;ve been through this way many times and had never encountered any car who would just ram you from nowhere.
I was not speeding as being in a shared pathway can be detrimental doing so. Suddenly a white car came from my right and hit me by my side. It was dejavu as i could not do anything - just like my car crash back in 1994. I felt something hit hard on my right thigh and i flew off to my left with my bicycle totally "supermanned" and somehow my cleats went off. The only thought in my mind then was i hope that it will not be too bad when i hit the ground. Fell on my right side and not on my head which was a good thing. I thought my bicycle would have been badly damaged considering the dent i saw on the car. Everybody around there rushed to me and i heard few people shouting OMG!
I stood up.. felt the pain on my lateral thigh but was still able to stand up. I moved my hips and legs and checked for any swelling or immediate pain but there was none. Ok cool.. no fractures. picked up my bike and by this time the lad who drove came to me and asked if i was OK. He was thinking of sending me to the hospital. Not that i am that macho but i felt alright and not too bad.
Looking back, I am glad I sort off got away from it unscratched. Maybe a few abrasions but that is all. I could have been injured bad and I;'m sure my thigh musles sort of took the blow and somehow cushioned my femur bone. If I was any thinner, I'm sure i would have broken the classic mid shaft femur. I guess the car was not too fast anyway and that helped. If it was a high impact accident, it would have been catastrophic. I remembered going back home, pushing the bike with tremors. It was total shock and evidenced when i was putting IV drips this morning at work.
Alhamdulillah, I am ok. thigh a bit sore but hey.. no real bruises or any fractures. Meriam? Well.. the rim is a bit belong but not too bad. I need to get it serviced and changed before the 70km RAC freeway bike ride on the 18th of March.
Thank you Allah for your protection and grace. Perhaps a reminder for me not to be too comfortable on the bike.


ikmal said...

Glad that you are OK. Take care my friend

Pak Long said...

alhamdullilah, it was only a minor incident. take care mafeitz, stay safe, stay alert on the roads there...