Sunday, February 26, 2012

Campione! Bowling My PSWA 2012

 I replaced Farida at the very last minute because she did not feel like she can play today. I did not plan to join this earlier due to my earlier plans- tapi dah tak jadi.. and 26 February 2012 - another history in my illustrious career as an adventurer in Perth! My team members were Ema and Hanif, the usual accomplice from GEBA and only met Fared today.

 Together, we were simply awesome! hahaha I had the game of my life ; dahlah tak main bowling for god knows how long! The last one was maybe BJ open kot when Dzaeff had his first taste of bowling!
And sapa juara? Kumpulan kami laa.. hahaha and who was the overall best player? Yours truly.. hahaha Berbaloi-baloi! :)
Thanks guys.. it was memorable and indeed excellent!

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