Sunday, February 05, 2012

100km ride Perth-Rockinham return

Me and Adly have been talking about this trip even before he bought his roadie.100 km to and fro may seem daunting but I mentioned to him that after my 52km Santos ride to Fremantle which I did without much preparation, a 100 km ride would not be impossible but of course light and easy riding la.. not trying really hard to go with the peleton groups!haha
So last Saturday, since the weather forecast itself was permitting (having a sudden drop of temp in the middle of heatwave season in Perth) we decided to have a go!
Its about 50km on the road from Perth to Rockingham.I did study the route and it looked not too bad as I remembered on my trip to the south, i did see a beautiful bicycle track by Kwinana highway up to Mandurah.I reckon the ride would not be too bad.
We started off early, me at 6 am to meet up with Adly at a promised meeting point (which I cant really remember the name at the moment of me blogging this) And along the way, I had a heavy fall! hahaha dah la pakai cleats so it was not an easy experience and made me a bit sandphobic while on the track.
The track was good overall with a number of elevations. Initially we were a bit lost because there were few detours due to some roadworks they were doing on the cycle track. After that it was straight forward, just follow the track! hahaha I must say it was a bit tiring in between but I did try to maintain a constant speed but not too hard on myself.Cramps would be something I don't want because habis laa.. And my cramps can be really bad!

 It was such a relief to arrive in Rockingham after 2.5 hours - the temperature was mid 25-26 and the wind was cooling. It was the best ever day to cycle such a distance. I've never been to Rockingham before and it was such a satisfaction to see its beauty upon my arrival.
We had our coffee and breakfast at a bistro by the sea and wow.. I was just absorbing the atmosphere.It was a typical morning in WA by a coffee joint for brekkie. Bak kata Adly," kat Malaysia, mana nak dapat camni?" :)
 The cycle back was not too bad - after the energy loading brekkie it was a breeze ride.It was also against the elevation thus making it comfortable with a respectable speed. And all in all, I may have just completed my first Century ride! Yeaahhh!!! Thank you Adly for the trip and I must say, I am glad i came to WA to enjoy all this.:)

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