Thursday, February 02, 2012

Simulation Centre - Fellow RPH

 Apart from Anaesthesia, I can be keen when it comes to medical education. I am a strong believer in Simulation training-esp high fidelity ones and that was evident in my contribution to UiTM with my SHOES programme during last years Shadow Housemanship programme. I reckon that simulation training is where when all the knowledge we have will be challenged and tested. Its definitely the way forward for medical education if not thoroughly but at least an exposure. The appauling training that current house officers have due to the sudden influx will definitely bring this type of training into the foreshore.
Hence when I was offered to take up the Simulation fellowship, i did not hesitate to have a go at it.I;ve been doing it back home but of course it was with my own idea of how it should be done.With my involvement here in the simulation centre of RPH,WA, it will definitely give me a bigger picture especially on how the country where MET (Medical Emergency Team) originated.I reckon the amount of knowledge and experience I gain will certainly help me and my institution to be the leader if not the trend setter of such training back home.It is about time for a national level of commitment and programme and perhaps I can be the forerunner to really establish it back home.Only a handful of centres(mainly the universities) have these type of equipment but unfortunately not used up to its potential.

It was my first day today and being keen I've been preparing since last week - Meeting up people and sorting out things so that I don't look out of it on my first day. Definitely my OCD for perfection.I have been having palpitations but it is something that I may have to just try and do! I reckon, I maybe the first ever Simulation Fellow who came from a non-English speaking country! Haha Doing this thing needs a lot of talking and somehow the ability to analyze and share it back with the participants.A really difficult task considering I am now the expert on communication and interpersonal relationship!

Doing this, there will be a lot of learning points for me in my self and professional development. I'm sure my public speaking and presentation skills will improve tremendously with the constant feedback I will get from my Consultants who are well versed and internationally recognized in this field.
It went not too bad today.Few good things, bad things but definitely a lot of room for improvement. And Insya-Allah, it can only get better!

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