Monday, January 30, 2012

Of 2012 "Trendings"

Those in the social media circle uses this word a lot - don't mind the grammar though.. "TRENDING"! OMG.. its a flashback to PAINING! (an expression of pain as it is happening - its not in any dictionary though!) Initially i did not understand why such "broken" English is promoted but I guess its an expression of thought via the new media which who knows one day would make it into the dictionary as how Google did. Google is a noun/verb/adjective which was definitely not in the official dictionary 10 years ago!
I'm writing about "Trending" as I was intrigued with what happened yesterday back home.There is a trend of "imarah masjid" back home and this programme is led by Ustaz Azhar Idrus.Who is he? Google la kalau tak tau and if that name does not ring a bell, you are not "Trending" man! hahah He managed to garner a big following during the new year celebrations and yesterday there was another one which coincided with Anugerah Juara Lagu 26 last night.The crowd was big and I am amazed by what he has done in the past few years.
Ustaz Azhar is a very interesting man and has a cult following over the net.You'd find his collection of ceramah is freely available. I reckon he should be credited as one of the most influnetial Malaysians as he brought a revolution towards people listening to Religious sermons and talk in the net. You can see that people flock his youtube uploads.I guess he has a way in tackling the current young generation to listen to his knowledge sharing session.He can be comical and certainly uptodate with all the current "Trendings" and that makes the young wanna sort of listen to him. His knowledge about the world, general entertainment and current happenings shows his leaerned depth.His Terengganu slang maybe a bit awkward to some but language is never a barrier for those who wants to garner knowledge.
I am sure that he'll continue what he fights for and I guess the best way to do it! A different contrast to what was on the other side of town of promoting the lines of lagha.Who would have thought, Ustaz Azhar can garner the same amount of followership "live" in the Masjid as how it was in PWTC- in fact even more! The streaming of Ustaz Azhar was busy from all who has connectionship all over the world including me. (though I was heavily switchin between Ustaz Azhars Q&A with AJL! - with the TV playing the epic battle between Djokovic and Nadal!)
MAtLuthfi90 is another cult figure and he is the main "artist" of youtube among the Malaysian youths.Look at his hits in youtube (MILLIONS!!)  and you'll see how influential he can be! He is a sincere gentleman with simple ideas and vision but he really knows how to put it forward.Why people link to him is because whatever he is vlogging, it relates so much of how the young feel about things in this current age! As a youth, it would not be right if he does not question the authorities of what is happening at the moment.The social,economical and perhaps the day to day issue of the social classes of Malaysia. Being abroad is certainly an eye opening experience to those who are lucky.I guess the mixture of information and lifestyle has affected this chaps brilliant mind to express his thoughts on vlog.Of course with his thick Kedah slang it makes it funny and enjoyable to watch! I have had the chance of encounter with this bloke here in Perth and am amazed with his down to earth attitude.
They may not be physically seen but take my word, both of them has the power of the "3rd Force" without them maybe consciously realizing it :)

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