Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy weekend in Toolbrunup and Bluff Knoll

 This is my 2nd attempt at blogging this and I don't what happened to the first post! Suddenly it just went blank! haha I guess I cannot give too much detail about the trip I had last weekend ; as how all WA's wonders are hidden for people to discover.2012 has certainly been promising as I've been doing really enjoyable things so far and a life that I've always wanted to live!
I had an excellent weekend in Stirling Range National Park - just an hour from Albany down South.WA is generally flat with majoritily the outback but there is a national treasure hidden from everybody down there - and I am glad that I've managed to seize the moment. It was unplanned as I had this hunch to go climbing - saw my posts of 2011 and discovered how appauling that I did not climb anything last year! There were few planned but all had to be cancelled due to my departure to Perth.
I advertised my intention to climb both of this in the GEBA GEKA FB page and had a wonderful response from the enthusiast.. thus terlahirlah.. GEBU ( Geng Bukit! ) Syafiq - final year Geology student in Curtin, Farida - phD student in UWA and Anisa, my anaesthetic FANZCA mate from Fremantle. Alhamdulillah , we clicked and I guess had one of the best moments of our lives! The team was awesome and i could not have had other climbing mates!
 Climbing the 2 highest peak in the South WA was a purely junkie satisfaction for me. Toolbrunup (1052m) had the steepest and difficult trek. It was not easy to usher the newbies but with their perseverance, we all achieved the goal together! And the view.. Masya Allah.. most excellent.. can't wish anything less I guess! Bluff Knoll (1098m)was a more popular commercialised trek (like Kinabalu) and reaching the top can be a mental breaking session! Again, it was damn good to be up there!
Thank you to my team mates, it was certainly a very rewarding climb and experience in organizing it!
                                           top of Toolbrunup
                                          Emu Bay, Albany - waiting for Ray the giant Manta-ray!
                                          flying on air !
                                                     Top of Bluff Knoll!

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