Friday, January 27, 2012

Recce Mt Cooke

 After my sesat experience on the Kalamunda start of the Bibbulman track, I vowed to buy a GPS and never to be lost again! There are a big number of walks around Perth which requires GPS and perhaps I would try a number of them in having the thrill of going off track instead of a designated track.
Mt Cooke is probably the highest peak near Perth. Western Australia in general is flat therefore its not as typical as the Malaysian landscape to find something tall to climb. However, since dah jadi orang gunung ni somehow kenala jugak cari puncak.. haha

Perth was to experience a heatwave till the weekend and I just had to make the call to climb Mt Cooke on Ozzie day. I am lucky that Syafiq is very well versed with GPS since he is a geologist in training and I guess the perfect partner in crime for me to achieve these type of activities.
We started of really early because there were so many uncertainties. I don't really know where to park and depended on walkGPS website and Google Earth! Immediately after Subuh we were off since the sun is up by 5.30am anyway. The temperature was not too bad early in the morning and we started our hike with the map,paper and GPS coordinates!
The route was not too bad eventhough initially we were unsure of things but when you have given the number, just follow it and janganlah memandai2! haha The track was not too bad and the climb was alright because from the starting point we were already up by 300m. I can imagine if it was in spring, the wildflowers will be all over and the dry small river would have had a stream to show off. We ad few good views during the trek and i must say this is the reason why I like hiking upwards!

 We arrived at the peak safe and sound after few "bluffs" and Syafiq was imagining the Bluff Knoll trick getting at us again! haha The peak was not so great as there were bushes around it making it as typical of Semenanjung's peaks.However, achieving the goal was satisfactory and Yup.. we did it! Soon we'll be offering Guide services to bring up to these hills around Perth :)

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