Saturday, January 07, 2012

Up baby up!

 Had my first introductory session of wall climbing with Hanif, a friend of mine in Perth. He managed to secure earlier through the discount vouchers - a real good bargain for 5 sessions in this climbing gym near to my place.(Rockface Northbridge).This is one of those things where I've always wanted to have a go but never had the time and money to do so back home.
Both of us were there when it opened at 10am today. I was a bit intimidated by the crowd but I discovered a lot of them were newbies as well.It is also good to see lots of children brought by their parents to have a go at this.I reckon because it is affordable unlike back home where it can be a real question of is it wise to spend your money on this with your family.
After having my harness on, we were briefed by the staff there ; pretty simple especially on the steps to ensure safety. I guess thats why the tagline is EVERYODY CAN CLIMB!
 I did some reading before trying this - in terms of techniques and what to expect from the eyes of a beginner.Wow, its simple but not as simple as how it looks especially without the proper shoes. Im sure my technique was out as after the 3rd wall my arms were aching like hell! haha Well, i suppose its part and parcel of learning! My upper body strength is crap to start off with and it shows so much.Eventhough the technique mentioned that you are supposed to use more of your lower body, i reckon a fair amount of upper body power is needed for this activity. I'm slowly learning the linguas as well and I must say the staff here is really helpful.
Overall I enjoyed the session and am looking forward to future climbs especially to improve my reach and ability to do the wall climb.Bring it on!

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