Sunday, January 22, 2012

A new term

After last weeks adventure, I'm a bit off course this week . After reaching the peak, i am a bit lost of things that I want to do during my free weekends. Of course, I have a higher peak to reach in Australia but that plan is a bit difficult to execute because of the impossible logistics.Reaching the highest peak in Aussie will be the highlight of my outdoors this year!Ok lets trace back where I've been so far. I'm pretty familiar with Perth and its surroundings, done a number of small scale bushwalks, heavily involved in road cycling ( should see the stuffs i've bought so far! inilah bahana ebay!) I've been to Kalgoorlie, South West ..hmm.. maybe later I should go up north : a visit to Port Hedland? Apparently there is a big malay community there and it would be interesting to see who they are! However, i reckon it'll be wiser to go there during the winter months rather than in summer.
February will mark the end of my first half of my tenure in Perth. Its quite sad to know that few of my fellow SRs will be leaving and they are the really cool ones:) Its interesting to work in an environment with colleagues from Europe, States and of course from back home! Its an experience which I will definitely use when I'm back home. This week will be the transition week for them and for me as well as I move into Simulation. I guess that will be the bulk of my blogging in the coming months - being a part of a renowned Simulation training centre. It'll be cool to mix around with fellow professionals from different departments - A definite shareabouts of what life is in other fields here.
And today- a good rest by Cottsloe beach after cycling from Perth was a definite example how I will really miss WA when my term is up!

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