Thursday, January 05, 2012

Another step taken

 I missed my son's first day in school. Well, wifey did update me through text but I was not physically there.I'm lucky though with the advancement of technology, I'm able to view the pictures that were taken then. Dzaeffran is a big boy now and moving on to formal primary education.The small baby who in the first few hours of his life to be a bit dodgy, is currently leading his life. And from the pictures I received he is certainly enjoying it.
 I can still remember my first few days of standard one as well as my Agama school. It was concurrent and honestly i enjoyed it very much! I would never dream of missing school and being in the compound with the atmosphere was just electrifying! Pelik? i don't really know how to explain it but it was just so good to go to school then? Was it the teacher? was it the environment? I do hope Dzaeffran would feel as how I experienced then.
I pray for his success not just in his studies but in his life as a whole. Its the hope of any parent to see their offspring thrive and be successful.
Learn all that you can my son; find your own pathway and may Allah guide you.:)

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