Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Old habit

Old habits never die.. how true can that be! I'm in for a very busy 6 months and it was purely me who chose to do all this! But I think my whole life, I'm ever so willing to subject myself to such a schedule. I may be a bit organized, sometimes too organized to slot things in between ; the idea for things to be efficient la kononnya.. haha

1) I'm the Simulation Fellow where my Wednesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to the sessions.
2) I'll be starting my Post Graduate Clinical Ultrasound Diploma end of this month. This means i have to schedule time to study every night!
3) In between they'll be ALS - need to get this internationally recognized qualification.
4) Advanced Wilderness First Aid Course - 4 days but need to study the materials pasal ada exam!
5) Registered for few cycling events in Perth
6) Weekly swimming class ! haha bila lagi nak belajar formally..
7) I'm starting my novel project and few of cerpens for publication since i'm full of creative ideas at the moment
 And I aim to do Kosciousko sometime...

Ini yang kita cari, ini yang kita mau bah... nda bole menyesal :)

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