Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mt Vincent & Mt Cuthbert trek

 25 February 2012 - GEBU's (Geng Bukit) 3rd activity which I call it the 2 mountain walk. It is originally the 3 mountain walk from walkgps website ; but as suggested for a shorter hike during the summer, 2 will do! I must thank the webmaster David Osborne for preparing an excellent guide with GPS coordinates for newbies like me.(Especially the confidence to continue amongst the bush despite the confusing trek - the bitter experience from my Kalamunda Bibbulmun Walk last year).
I managed to gather a bigger group; Syafiq my usual acquantaince and Farida who I've instilled the hiking "fever" in her. We had Reefqy - Syafiq's friend, Sariati ,Shima and Sherra.And from my own experience, those who agreed to offer themselves for this type of activity would be on the same wavelength! The group was great!
We started off early, by 6am we were at the meeting point and at 7am right on the Sullivan's Rock parking spot.After a short briefing, doa and taaruf by Budak Setan (haha) we started our journey through the Bibbulmun Track.
 We started by crossing Sullivan's Rock which geologically was interesting. After a bit, we crossed the Bibbulmun and this was the easy part - just follow the track! We arrived at Mt Vincent after some climbing at 830am! And next to Cuthbert at 930 which amazingly was on time! The view from Cuthbert was amazing and above my expectations. I wished we could have ate there instead of another point that we did earlier. Alhamdulillah, at least I've been on top of it before and I'm not sure whether I will repeat this again.. It is interesting to note how there were lots.. i mean LOTS of spiders webbing around the trek with multiple species and sizes which i have not seen before! Mt Cook was the lizard and this definitely had to be the spiders!
 The trek back was off track and I depended a lot on GPS. It was the old climber's track and having Syafiq around is handy to confirm our directions. I'm more comfy now and totally understand why GPS is damn important! ( berapa kali nak cakap daa..) We had to go through some thick bushes but takkan nak trekking senang2 kot..kenalah susah sket.. haha
We arrived back at our starting point at noon and glad that everybody was happy and enjoyed the trip. It is definitely a motivation for future GEBU activities !

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