Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Skipper to rudder.

It was 14/2 and my off day after working during the weekend. I had to go somewhere and with everybody else working, I thought it would be great to have my day out in Hillarys Boat Harbour. Its a nice place and certainly where you want to bring your family to. AQWA (WA Aquarium..big one!) was there but i reckon i would reserve this visit with whoever will be visiting me the next time around. 
The weather was good - temperature was not too hot and the sea breeze was just excellent. One thing i like about Perth is its beautiful beaches. The water is crystal clear and the beaches were just so clean and nice! How could one not take a dip and enjoy oneself as a beach bum? Hmm..something that I will surely miss when I am not here anymore.
 Syafiq contacted me as he was dead bored and immediately i suggested that we should go sailing. We discussed this during our climbs and I've always wanted to have a go.Syafiq is an experienced boatman and having him to lead this was just perfect! We met up in Mill Point at 5pm with a new colleague of his who was also new to this. Get set and there we went.. Ahoyy sailor on the catamaran!
Syafiq sort of explained the basic principles and what should one do to steer the boat. After a while, he encouraged us to have a go in being the skipper. And ooohh.. myy... Subhanallah! I really did enjoy it very much! GILE BEST! To get your vessel moving fast was exhilarating! The sweet cold breeze helped to neutralize the hot ray of the sun.I cannot stop smiling and as the boat went fast, I was screaming with joy.
Thanks bro.. it was a first and I am sure of many to come.

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