Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Splashing wet

It was great the other week on my first time, Yesterdays was better!The wind was definitely harder and I knew Syafiq was free. I will always need him to go on this fantastic catamaran adventures because he is the experienced one.
The wind was blowing hard that it created big waves.Being sailed away by the strong winds against the waves was exhilarating.We were all wet and had no choice to swallow the awfully salty taste of the water as it brushed through us! There were times we had to do extreme manouvers as the wind tilted the catamaran sideways and we literally had to pull against to avoid it being capsized. There was once when we were nearly out but somehow balancing with our body weights, we managed to stabilize it from disaster. And what a feeling that was !
Certainly more challenging this time and thats why i just had to blog this down to remember this day.

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