Monday, April 09, 2012

Extraordinary morning in Perth

 It was an unusual morning. When i woke up and after Subuh, there was still no light from the window. Looked out the balcony and saw fog all over obscuring my vision of the towers around my apartment. As i start my ride from Wellington Street i can hardly see what was 50m in front of me. It was really foggy and a bit spooky on a Sunday morning when the activity is at its lowest.
 When i arrived at the memorial centre in King's Park to mark the end of my hill ride on Mizz Pina, There was fog everywhere. The usual sight of Perth was non-existent! When i was watching the evening news, apparently it was a rare sight! haha I guess I must have been really lucky to have witnessed the other side sight of Perth :)
I was last in King's Park Cafe on Boxing Day and I guess as a tradition, here on Easter Monday! The Salmon was certainly really nice!

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