Monday, April 09, 2012

Rockhingham ride & GEBA picnic on Good Friday

 It was a special Good Friday as GEBA as a group had our picnic event that day in Rockingham. Few of us went riding; me & Syafiq 52km ride from CBD and the rest, 38km from Murdoch Station.It was a cold morning as felt like i froze on the earlier part of the ride! hahaha Gile sejuk! Met Farida & gang in Murdoch station which would later be the main station for the next biggest and modern hospital in Perth, Fiona Stanley Hospital.
 We had lots of food and I must say the wind was blowing cold that the nasi lemak literally froze as we were eating it! We had fun as Fadzil organized few games which had everybody participated. I managed to pitch up my tent which I bought last year but I never had to chance to stand it up.Since Syafiq will be borrowing my tent, it was a good opportunity to test it and I must say, I am impressed with my purchase!
 It was also an experience to perform Jumaat prayers in Rockhingham mosque- the famous "Malay" community mosque in Perth. I could see a majority of the malay population there; and of course as Aussies they speak Ozzie English!
Thank you GEBA for the event and I'm glad I'm one of them while I'm here in Perth :)

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