Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Cycling Bug

I was watching News Tonight - and the story they covered was really interesting. Its about the Perth Cycling Bug! Apparently, there is a surge of cycling interest for the past 1 year! Perth has caught the bug with people of all ages increasingly getting serious on two wheels around town.One thing for sure, I've been caught by the bug too! :)
 Well, I've always been a keen cyclist but not till I was in secondary school. My parents bought me a bicycle when i was very young , mayb e a bit too keen! Haha If i am not mistaken when I was about 2 ( i however did the same thing with Dzaeffran! haha) Of course, I was never able to ride it until i was very much older. When I was perhaps 7, i remembered trying to do a stunt ( you know, braking and moving your bicycle to your side - BMX style) and i fell into the drain! haha I still have the scar for the cut which required few stitches in the clinic on my chin.
After that, mama bought me a BMX which was not the high end but adequate enough to reckon it was one. Perhaps at that time ET certainly brought BMX craze into light. I was in fact in a pseudo-BMX group with a fella called Abdul Rahman who was our leader. We were not really misfits but we rode together in a group. But bila dah maghrib semua pun cabut balik rumah! haha
Being in secondary school made me more serious with using bicycle as a mode of transportation. All of my friends rode on two wheels, Mafiz, Azad and so did I. Mama bought Pak Pits racing bike and I was off again everyday on my bike! It was certainly the main transport I had to go wherever whenever.It was the in thing for my group till Form 5! But of course, after that we were off on our seperate ways and me to not really ride on a bike anymore.
Azad rekindled our cycling interest during the renaissance ( haha if you've been following my blog, you'd notice when there was a surge of running activities after 2007). There was a massive clearance offer for the PROTON mountain bike and I said yes to him! Haha.. but of course, it never really kicked off because I only used it for duathlon. It was a mountain bike and there was no way i could go and do a trail during weekends. I never had the urge to use it and thus, probably once in a blue moon i will be riding it.
 Perth certainly made me fall in love with this sport again. Perhaps the cycling event when DS Najib was in Perth became the catalyst for me. Of course, the department and most of the changing room members were cyclists. And walah.. I bought Meriam (my Schwinn) as my first road bike. It was a revelation because I fell in love with cycling again! Santos 53km ride was a first in a big crowd event. RAC 70km bikehike was another cool event which i will cherish all my live! I did my century with a Rockingham return and indeed doing more mileage nowadays.And as the infection became more serious, I had Mizz Pina to add to the collection!

 Perth has a vast cycling network paths and to get around is easy , almost effortless! I'm slowly upgrading my bike as I slowly understand the mechanics and the urge of having a much better and lighter machine! I've now known more lingua and an eBay fan to look for good bargains for my biking gear.

And i have to admit, I too was bitten by this bug.. pure adrenaline rush!

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