Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Naluri wanitaku.. haha

 I bought a Saucony GRID PROFILE today - a rare brand to find back home and damn expensive. Of course in harbour town everything was on sale and i thought the price was right for a good running shoes.Just 250g in weight.. cool eih? Initially i wanted to get one of the Adidas or Nike as i thought there offer for Brooks and NB was not as how much I was willing to pay.
I'm planning to run a full marathon Chevron City to Surf in 1 month! Gila sebenarnya considering I've not been training for it at all. However, I've done a bit of fitness with long rides on the bike.I managed to do the HBF and not too bad of its timing too. I hope the cross training would be adequate as I only aim to finish the 42.2km and perhaps just within the qualifying time. Enough la.. Because if i dont do this, then I will regret as this will be my only chance as i will be returning home in February next year.
Haha.. went home..hmm.. arranged all my shoes in front of the room mirror.. Maakk aiii.. Hahaha Banyak gile and all of this bought in Perth! Football boots ada, futsal ada, sandal ada, proper black shoes ada, of course my SPD-SL shoes and 2 trail shoes; NB a bit worn out so i bought the new trail ADIDAS last week.. HAHA
 Macam IMELDA MARCOS!!! hahahahaha
Bahaya... bila ada duit.. and tengok harga runtuh... :)