Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Congrats to Doya & Don.. moga kekal ke anak cucu:)

 Many congrats to my youngest sister doya for her marriage to Don, her school time sweet heart! Gile lama.. haha and to know that I'm now family with his elder brother Don and sister Dona! Memang betul cam kat kampung, last2 kahwin ngan orang kampung juga.. haha
I'm back home to be with my family and my newborn as well as to celebrate Doya's wedding. The aqad was done in our TTDI home and Alhamdullilah everything went well last Friday night. We were lucky to have Ustaz Don (the tv celebrity) to be at the wedding, as he himself just got married last week! In fact, he may have stole the limelight from the wedding couple.. hahaha
 Ustaz Don and Mymunna.. Thank you Ustaz for calling for her and made a special du'a without us erxpecting it :)
 Khatam, Tahniq and Aqiqah early that morning.

The 1st and the last of the Mamats:)

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