Thursday, September 20, 2012


The last few days was a bummer. Honestly, I felt really down, demotivated perhaps depressed! Hahaha sapa sangka? I must have been very fatigued and tired that I felt like going home. I've never had that feeling ever? Ingat-ingat balik memang lawak as the feeling were true and one cannot dismiss!

I'm sure it must have been due to the busy schedule that I've had when I went back. It was non-stop, new baby.. responsibilities and it was followed by Doya's wedding. Immediately i went back to Perth and with no break, straight away to work. I even did the extra list last weekend and the result? I was so fatigued and demotivated. Perhaps I've done what i wanted to here; and it seemed like forever to wait till February.

I do still have my PostGrad Diploma to finish off; and talking about that I'm one month behind schedule! hmmm.. not good eih considering the exam will be in early November. I'm doing the regional fellowship now which is a bit mundane but I do learn few good things along the way so far. Prof Krishnas presence has certainly made the big difference for my term and Elystans.

And of course, the Koszci trip which is coming soon and I'm really looking forward to it!

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