Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Another Kalamunda MTB trip

We just had to do it again as we were cut short the first time around with an SnR effort. The weather was better and it was the Saturday before Syafiq was to go back to Malaysia. He managed to loan off a car from a friend and that made it possible for us to endevour into antoher MTB adventure.We were off early and arriving to the camel farm was within a breeze. It was not too dry and perhaps suits our bike the best.

This time around we were better prepared; knowing what the track was like thus the beter handling of the bike. We did try to jump whenever there was opportunity and perhaps we were blessed as well not to return with catastrophic injuries. Both of us were traumatised along the way with our falls but Alhamdulillah, not too bad. The high difficulty trek was definitely a challenge and perhaps when we are better, we'd really go for the DROP on the obstacles.
We had a fun day out. It was challenging in all, physically, mentally, spiritually and technically! Of course, the key that was left inside the car as we were about to leave will serve as a significant memory for this MTB trip.. hahaha

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