Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exploring Blue Mountains National Park

The climb to the top was just the beginning of the whole adventure! Imagine, how after a bit of rest we were off from Thredbo with our destination next- Canberra to hitch off Deeno & Pak Am, and next straight to the Blue Mountains National Park which was an hour away from Sydney.. therefore, a whole night drive to our destination! Luckily Australia can be straight forward as with the GPS set, it was Apip and my turn to sleep during the drive.
 The main attraction for this UNESCO heritage site is the three sisters, a remarkable geological formation of three stones which has its own aboriginal fable. If you happen to be in Sydney, its a must to go to this as it will not be complete as how it has been advertised! haha.. The group tried to trek down to the waterfall but i guess being the end of spring and summer, it was not as impressive as how it was shown.. it was just a small waterfall as me and Abemu were following the trek to it. The view was amazing.. Masya Allah, the clear blue skies again became the determining factor for such beauty to the eyes :)

                                         The Giant stairs.. going down to the foot of the 3 sisters
                                           better pic of my position from Abemu's camera
 And as a climbing group, it would not be complete for us not to try and reach the peak of the land which we conquered. Thus.. Mt Piddington and One Tree Hill, as the highest point on this 1000 acres of reserved land.

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Amy Alex said...

This picture is really really awesome i remembered the place called babu-sir top in Pakistan which is similar to this place you can also visit just get flights for pakistan immediately because after some time road will block due to heavy snow fall.