Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sydney backpack

 It was my first time in Sydney. I must say it is a big metropolitan. Its bigger than Perth (of course!) and busier than Melbourne.. a happening town 24/7! I did the usual thing of going around town and looking at its attractions. The background picture of Sydney Opera House is a must .. and i did the other thing, which was to run around it along other runners- in this city where runners rule the paths! Seriously.. everytime of the day, pagi ke, petang ke.. lunch time and even at night! U can see runners or joggers doing their thing. The weather of course made it possible and of course, it was my chance to have my pics doing the thing that they do.. hahaha

 Every city in Aussie has their own character and it is here in Sydney that you see the diversity of Australians; a country where nobody really owns it.. though you don';t really see any aborigines in the city centre area. food was variable and it is not uncommon to find chinese cuisinie shops as well as Malaysian concept eateries around. My most memorable moment was eating kangaroo burger here.. haha only available in Sydney!
 During our exploration walk, we ended up being on the observatory hill as it was our solace to perform prayers when while looking for the Sydney mosque as per internet failed! Apparently it is only open for Friday prayers and not really licensed as a prayers house. and to our amazement, in the Planetarium area we found the highest point of Sydney.. A trigonometry beirut made of stone was commerated.. it was the point where from the map makers stood up and made thier grids as how they see it :)
A dip in Bondi beach was on my wish list.. of course, this beach is famous for its topless population but I guess god wanted to protect us.. The weather was not suitable for sunbathers.. it was indeed a cold beginnING OF SUmmer! haha but it did not deter me to play amongst the waves.. and i then understood why it is a surfers heaven.. Gile kuat the waves ooii...
It was a memorable experience as it sort of brought me back in time.. reminiscing the time when i backpacked in Europe and the states.. not so long ago but something I left not doing after started work and getting married. Alhamdulillah, allah has granted me the opportunity to relive that again.. :0

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