Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mt Tamborine basecamp - Skytrek and bushwalk

 After a whole day of fun in the sun, we were off to Mt Tamborine National Park- a famous area of visit for tourists who'd visit Gold Coast. I was planning something different, a camp night out in the outdoors! It was a first and perhaps the convenience of booking it spurred me on to continue the plan. The campsite was a dedicated campsite.. and it was almost full when we arrived. (we arrived near to sunset). Aussies do like to camp out with their families and I was impressed with their equipments. Another thing that shocked me was the allowance for open fire burning.. where in WA its a NO-NO! Campfire bule buat tu... cool..
 The toilet facilities were excellent.. I wonder why don't many Malaysians camp out in Aussie.. Memang best! I did wish my Kamcheng friends were with me in this trip as it was definitely tailored for our liking! It was also my chance to test my tent; as so far only Syafiq had used it extensively in his Field trips. I must say.. i made a good buy and I'm sure i'll have more adventures with it back home.
 After waking up early the next morning, we were off to do a short bushwalk to Cedar Creek.. which was near to our campsite. I'm sure the waterfall would be much beautiful during winter but it was good enough for both me & Imran to have a dip (again! hahaha) Best mandi ngan nature and I guess I'm more keen for such outdoor gimmicks in the near future.

 After clearing the campsite, we were off to the Skywalk; a special walkaway up in the canopy of the rainforest. Tulah, in Mt Tamborine its rainforest as it is more sub tropical so terasa la jugak macam hutan Malaysia. the main difference is its not humid therefore we were not really drenched with sweat but somehow easily dehydrated because of the dryness.

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