Friday, December 28, 2012

Archery Fairy Tale

It was indeed a busy weekend for me. Immediately after the glorious wedding, I was in Yokine Archery Club. Why? My first ever archery competition in my life! Its a sport I've always wanted to have a go at and Alhamdulillah, had my chance here and the cool thing is, I had an experienced Malaysian coach to help out. In fact, it was Azmi who coaxed me to have a go at it. Unfortunately the timing was always bad and it was until the last weekend before the tournament, yup.. one week before! I held my FIRST ever bow and arrow!
 Azmi is an experienced coach therefore it was not that difficult to get us going with his superfast training method! Haha and there I was the week before on my first few shooting.. of course the competition was for the 15m distance. so cam tak susah sangat ah.. The important things are the basic steps to follow. Not that hard but I did hurt my forearm.. haha berbelau! Honestly it was quite fun.. and i understood why it is a sport where Rasulullah encouraged us to take up.
 I was a bit apprehensive on competition day but honestly I was not expecting much since I only picked it up the week before. But the thought of getting those medals was really tempting. We had few Aussie club members taking part ; well the real novice ones not the good ones!
 Archery is about focus, keeping your cool and control. It was not easy to keep your jitters and your head calm. Pressure is something which can make one bad shot after a damn good one before.
Alhamdulillah.. tah macam mana.. haha overall during the classification round, I managed to edge 1 point to become the bronze medal winner. And the matchplay was out of this world as I qualified to the finals because of my consistency.. target tak kena pun 10 but in the finals.. totally way out of the league! Kena belasah kaw kaw.. hahaha

Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Azmi for introducing me this sport. I had my fun and perhaps something I would like my children to take up. It is worthwhile and why not since it is sunnah?

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