Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gold Coast recce trip

I never thought i'd reach Gold Coast during this stint. It has always been potrayed as a holiday heaven for the family. I did plan to bring the family over in the future.It was a sudden plan; as it was also Imran's last few weeks in Brisbane before he moves over to Perth.
It was a quick getaway as well over the weekend. I took a midnight flight from Perth and arrived in the early hours in Brisbane. Imran fetched me and we were off to Gold Coast. The first destination was Surfers Paradise.. and it was coincidentally a hot day.. the first day of Summer in 2012. It was scorching hot ever since the sun rose. Typically, there were not that many people yet on the beach that morning.

 We had to go for a dip.. Wajib maah.. It is of my sudden craze in Aussie as well, the Why not question everytime we are wondering whether we should have a dip or not! The water was not as cold as WA though.. but it was fun to play amongst the giant waves! Yes.. dah berjaya lagi.. haha
 And of course, takkan dah sampai Gold Coast tak pergi Movie World kot? hahaha It was indeed reliving my youth as all the thrill rides were pulun"ed".. haha I must say Superman ride was one of my best ever adrenaline rushes as it was simply a woooshh.. perrrggghh... 4G acceleration mmg terasa gile! Haha I've not had that thrill for so long as for the mediocre rides in Malaysia.
 Movie World is definitely a fun place to be at. Either with family ( providing anak dah besar2 baru best) or with your close friends.. Memang seronok ala-ala remaja.. haha
And of course, how could I miss the opportunity for a good sidekick pic with Batman !!

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