Friday, December 28, 2012

Perth Malay Wedding Osman&Isma

I was asked by Izhar (father of the bride) to MC his daugther's do few months ago but never that i would thought my involvement was more than that! It was a first for me in Perth. Having a big Malay community in Perth has "expanded" my alternative career in t future.. haha I have been MCs in numerous weddings in Malaysia ; my own family members and most notably is Ibdil's: therefore it was something that i have not done before.

However i was handed the responsibility to handle the nikah ceremony which was like seriously? hahaha To call all of them to a meeting the Saturday before was a "gulp"ing experience for me; imagine having to guide the Imam of Rockingham mosque Haji Ahmad to comply with my plans for the day! 
 I must say, Izhar is really good with his artwork. to create such a wonderful pelamin was beyond my expectations.It was really huge! And the amazing help from fellow friends and family around in Perth. I cannot believe how the Pelamin was built from scratch and he is a very talented man. Of course, for his daughter's wedding; i cannot imagine not doing the same.
 Alhamdulillah, the ceremony went well. 22/12/12. The nikah procession was done full of adat, and me being in the middle of the pack ; i can't wait to see the video. Haha Facing the ever judging elder malays crowd was not easy to handle but then hantam sajalah.. It was an emotional moment for Izhar when he was not able to hold his tears when reading the words he had for Osman.. i felt it.. the crowd all felt it. Alhamdulillah, Izhar completed his task as Isma's wali with an excellent aqad with Osman.
 The afternoon sanding and majlis went well. I became a "bidan terjun" when i decided to open the floor for silat! haha Imagine not doing it for donkey years and there I was doing my Rajawali Putih steps :) It was fun and of course, the event felt lots like the weddings during my childhood. The elders were spotting enough to lead the karaoke and sang all their hearts out!
Congratulations to Osman & Isma.. Congratulations to Izhar & Marmah.. The event did went really well and I'm glad I'm a part of it somehow.. as now, i have few foster families in Perth:)

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Can you please provide me with the contact details of the pelamin guy?