Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mt Coo-tha & around Brisbane

Imran lives near Mt Coo-Tha.. another famous recreational area if you happen to visit Brisbane. And of course, as this is what i look for.. we went for a morning bushwalk to the summit. The lookout can also be reached by car as it is a developed area for at the top, when the day is clear you can get an excellent full view of Brisbane CBD. But.. boring ahh naik kereta, ada trail.. ikutla trail! Bushwalker melayu kan.. hahaha
The walk up was fairly steep but as th peak is not that high, it was not too bad. Mt Coo Tha is the highest point in Brisbane, thus the other reason i want to be on top of it. Deeno & Pak Am was here the week before, so I'm following their steps as well (perhaps prelude to Everest?) hahaha We did do a de tour to the aboriginal trail but i guess either it is summer or the falls which was supposed to be the main attraction is not there any more!
 It was time to explore the concrete jungle again! We parked our car at Kangaroo point and we did the full boardwalk trail along River Brisbane. It was certanly nice to do the walk as the council has really made it for tourist. I wish i had more time as i would have ran along it to enjoy Brisbane as an aussie! hahaha Along the path, there was this public pool ; perhaps a wannabe beach.. but as it was a hot day streams of Aussies were out to enjoy the sun! I should have brought my swimmin gear to have a dip there as well! Certainly well maintained for public use.

It was indeed a surprise. I;ve never thought Brisbane was as such based on the description given by few of my friends who had lived here before. It was nice.. and i do understand why Brisbane is in the top 20 list of one of the most liveable cities in the world.
I've been to Melbourne, Vienna, Toronto and I live in Perth.. in a way, i do have a rough idea what liveable cities should be like :)

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