Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Outdoor opener

To start the year off as well as to finish off my tick list for Perth, I was in Beelu National Park Perth Hills for a camp night out.I managed to get a few others, Anisa and Cheng Bee along with Michele ( Dato Hasan's niece) and of course Imran to follow me. I've booked to camp here before but never had the chance to do so.I have to do this before I go and yup..the plan materialised.
 Camping in WA is definitely different from other states. Strictly no fire therefore the park would have a kitchen prepared for us.And of course, in my programme, BBQ food is a must! haha We camped at the site for the night and managed to catch the outdoor cinema show. The stroy wasn't too great but not too bad; something called Sister's Sister.
 Early Sunday morning (well not that early as everybody woke up late! haha) too many mozzies and it was a hot summer's night! We started our short walk to the dam after a hefty protein rish breakfast.The walk was not that far as we were heading for the all famous Mundaring Weir. A very historic dam which was made to churn the gold mining industry in Kalgoorlie. The legend of CY O'Connor was relived and I have finally found my peace  with this short overnight trip :)
                                           Mundaring Weir

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