Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 datang dan pergi

Its the 10th of January today, 1/3 of the first month of 2013 has gone by. Cepat betul. A month from now I will be boarding my one way ticket back home. The end of my fabulous adventure in Perth.A temporary experience granted by god to me.

Looking back at my 2012 resolutions, I am thankful that I have managed to fulfill all.Alhamdulillah.. especially the yearly weight loss resolution which only last year came into reality! haha I do hope to maintain my weight and fitness for 2013. The challenge to NOT EAT in Malaysia would be the biggest task of all :)

The presence of Dzulaikha was certainly something unplanned; never thought my 5th child would come so soon but as it is Allah's gift, i do take it as rezeki.Having 5 growing children is my next challenge; to provide them with all the essentials and prepare them for life. It is a task which nobody really has the right way. I pray that i will be given the guidance for me to perform my responsibilities dilligently.

What will 2013 hold for me? For starters, I am in back books with the central UiTM! haha My current fellowship tenure was not approved and they have stopped paying me since last October. Yesterday, i received a letter demanding my immediate return. In a way, i am a bit disheartened by the unsupportiveness of the university. I like their last sentence on the official letter:

"Diharapkan keputusan ini tidak mematahkan semangat tuan .." HAHAHAHA Honestly, I AM DISSAPOINTED with them. Who are they to tell and value my worth? Haha biasalah Malaysia.. not recognizing the aspiration of the motivated. Instead its all about cronysm and who you know. If in 2013, I go astray from my initial plan for UiTM, i put these stupid guys fully responsible. I believe that loyalty is only to those who appreciate.

My immediate aim now is to be involved importantly in the coming Regional Workshop organized by Krishna.It'll be an interesting experience and I hope to be part of this Annual thingy where I can return to Perth every year :)

Ironman? Definite plan to be one of them, maybe not in 2013 but definitely 2014. I just need to SWIM and SWIM.

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