Tuesday, July 02, 2013

AOSRA PM 2013 Kuching with love 18-22 June

 SIGRA (Special Interest Group in Regional Anaesthesia)  lobbied for this event 2 years ago and Alhamdulillah we won the bid. The task to organize the biggest Regional Anaesthesia Conference in Malaysia was challenging. MSA did most of the organizing and Shah as the SIGRA Convenor did the necessary to get excellent speakers & facilitators for the event.
 Like our usual MSA meetings, SIGRA members were more than happy to run the hands on workshop. I reckon our workshop and live demo is cool because most overseas conference do not really show how the block is performed on real time patients. We did the workshop in Kuching GH and Alhamdulillah it went well.
 When one of the speakers pulled out, I was asked to replace him. it was a mammoth task considering I am still young and new at this. However, i took the opportunity to speak and it was a real nail biting experience. Interestingly, I did not loose my cool but i guess looking back, i could have done a better job with the content of my presentation:)
 Honestly, I was mostly knackered during the whole conference. The stress of doing the workshop and before presenting totally knocked me off. I did not go anywhere on my own (very unlikely of me!) as I've been here 2 years ago during Yo's wedding. All my evenings were spent with the SIGRA team on the sponsored dinners around town. I guess when you are one of the speaker, the spectrum changes as compared to if you are the participant.

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