Thursday, July 16, 2015

#Diagnosis2 team iftar

Alhamdulillah, the team managed to gather most of us to be in Haslam restaurant a few weeks back. Whitecoat enterprise (the publisher) was kind enough to celebrate iftar with an orphanage as part of its CSR and zakat for the success of Diagnosis2.
It was an opportunity for us to meet up as well, it has never been easy to do that. Din could not attend with his family as he is home bound after his knee surgery! Get well soon Din! (tinta mahyudin)
 Alhamdulillah, for our next project we have managed to engage another 2 prominent young doctors, Dr Lutfi Lokman and Dr Zy Malik. I am honoured to be introduced to them especially Dr Lutfi who is currently the Director of Hospital beyond borders. Cool project and i truly salute his project. Truly inspiring. Do check out what they do.. Hospital Beyond Borders.
              pengantin baru dok fikir apa nak masak sahur ni.. dah makan best berbuka..
                                khusyuk with Anwar Fazal's vision.. perrgghh..
                        Ben dok wondering, bila kita nak start shooting pulak.. :) 

Alhamdulilah, Thank you guys. It is such a pleasure to be in this extended family. Insha Allah, with the vision for ummah.

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