Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kids and their ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, I am proud that my 3 elder MDQs have succeeded in their full fasting this year. Tak sangka that they managed to breeze it through without any glitch. I must be thankful for wifey who day in day out ensuring the kids are well fed during sahur and iftar. Its not an easy task to wake them up at this age and get them to eat! 
I am amazed my Marissa, despite being 6 he pulled through chill je. takde mengada2. haha But knowing her, she has this different inner strength. A strong girl inside out. Qaisya, i guess did it this year due to Marissa. Both are best friends but i do sense a bit of competition amongst them. So far cam ok la tak tau in the future haha Qayyum? Well, he was known to have cheated before but this year i guess he has grown up a bit. I don't know lah if in school he cheats.. haha 
 The younger 2? haha Well i guess its best for them to wait. Most importantly for them to see all of us doing this ritual everyday and perhaps would remain in their memory banks as a wonderful experience.
All in all, i do not force my kids to fast. Solat is more of priority. Having to coax them for maghrib and isha jemaah is easier at this stage as when they grow bigger,it can be an issue when they can say no. Fasting is not a priority at this age, I even encourage them to discontinue their fast if they are too tired and exhausted. It is a good practice for the soul and one's inner self, to be able to resist all temptations and persevere. An important trait to survive life. I guess fasting in Ramadhan is a good training ground for the young. When they are older, it will not be about training but iman and abiding the fourth pilar of Islam. 

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